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Important Carpool Information and Update

Parents, guardians, relatives...take note! We have updated our carpool map. Please read on for important information about Carpool Safety and Etiquette:

PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF ALL CARS TRYING TO PARK AND ACCESS CARPOOL. The goal is to MAXIMIZE the little bit of parking SPACE we have, and we cannot do that if we do not think about others.

  • Stay off your cell phone.

  • Pull up as far as you can to leave room for cars behind you; this goes for parking as well.

  • DO NOT cut behind the school where the buses are after school. If you need to access the west side carpool, take Centerwood or Edgewood Roads behind the school. Trying to get into carpool behind the school is dangerous for children getting on the buses and also results in cutting in front of people who have been waiting in line on N. Polk.

  • DO NOT park in the carpool lanes on the right side of the street on Tyler and then get out of your car to enter the school or pick up your child from the playground. This stops traffic flow and results in a potentially dangerous situation with cars backed up onto Cantrell.

  • DO NOT park on the south side of P street therefore blocking one whole lane of traffic.

  • DO NOT park on the left side of the street on Polk.

These rules are set to assure the safety of our children. PLEASE take a moment and make sure you are following these rules. If you see others not following the rules, help us ALL out by politely instructing them on the carpool rules. It takes a village, and thinking of others is a big part of it. Thank you!

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