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The Forest Park PTA 2019-2020 Leadership Board

PRESIDENT:  Julia Crow

President-Elect: Melissa Morgan

Treasurer: Kristen Saffa

Treasurer-Sarah Smart

Secretary: Courtney Black

Communications: Julia Hamra

Education: Brooke Hicks

Events: Elizabeth Clark

Fundraising: Beth Blackshaw

Hospitality: Holly-Beth Willis

Outreach: Jessica Phillips

Buildings/Grounds/: Stacy Grobmyer

Welcoming: Megan Irwin


Front row L-R: Julia Hamra, Julia Crow, Melissa Morgan, Kristen Saffa,  Middle row L-R: Sarah Smart, Courtney Black, Jessica Phillips, Brooke Hicks, 

Back row L-R: Holly-Beth Willis, Megan Irwin, Elizabeth Clark 

Fundraising Committee


Fun Run Co-Chairs:  

Fun Run Committee:  

Spring Auction Chair:  Sarah Brantley 

Spring Auction Committee: Sarah Dodson, Lauren Strother, Rachel Harding, Rachel Oberste, Megan Irwin

Community Partners Chair:  

5th Grade Fundraising:   Sharon Denery

Southern Supper:  

Spirit Shop:  Amanda Groce, Laura Beth Vogel and Candi Cox 

Box Tops & Kroger Cards:  Crystal Amos

Pass the Plaid Chair:  Mary Margaret Wippo

Pass the Plaid Committee:  Mary Starr Brock, Ashley East


Communications Committee


eBlast:  Julia Hamra

Website:  Julia Hamra

Social Media:  Julia Crow 

Room Mom Coordinator:  Emily Roberson

Directory:  Courtney Black

Directory Ads:  

Yearbook:  Monica Mullens

Education Committee

Education: Brooke Hick

Art/Music Liaison:  Jessica Lord

Library Liaisons:  

Tutoring:  Morgan Smith

Events Committee

EVENTS CHAIR Elizabeth Clark

Little Rockers:  Emily Sutterer

Pumpkins in the Park Chair:  Emily Wineland

Pumpkins in the Park Committee: Somer Bunger, Darla Jones, Juliana Garner, Margaret Payne, Sarah Mitchell, and Lauren Cowles

Flu Mist Clinic

Field Day Chair:  Melissa Morgan

 Field Day Committee: 

Grandparents Day:  Ruthie Loveless and Sarah Dodson

5th Grade Trip Chair:  Katherine Butler

5th Grade Trip Financials:  Katherine Butler

5th Grade Graduation:  Amanda Allison



Hospitality and Outreach Committee

Hospitality Chair: Holly-Beth Willis Outreach Chair: Jessica Phillips

Grandparents Day Chair:  Betsey Blankenship

Grandparents Day Committee:  Sarah Duke

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Chair: Holly-Beth Willis

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Chair:  Ann Marie Gray

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Committee: 

Outreach:  Jessica Phillips



Building, Grounds/Grants Committee


ROOTS Garden Chair:  Kristin Taylor

ROOTS Garden Chair Elect:  

Roots Garden Project Committee:  

Go Green Team:  Page Gibson


Public Relations and Welcoming Committee


Welcoming Chair:  Megan Irwin

Welcoming Committee:  Anna Richter, Lindsay Makris, Leigh Ann Raper and Holly-Beth Willis

LR PTA Council Rep:  

Bike & Walk To School:  Lindsay Coon, Amanda Fugitt, and Jill Ulrey

VIPS:  Susan McGeorge

Parking/Traffic Flow:  Jessica Phillips

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Contact the School:

1600 North Tyler Street

Little Rock AR 72207

Front Desk:  501-447-4500 

Fax: 501-447-4501

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Little Rock, Arkansas

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