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I'm considering Forest Park for my child.  What do I need to know?

We would love for you to visit the school and see what our students and teachers are up to!  To arrange a tour, please contact us at

CLICK HERE to check for important dates for prospective students, like enrollment and check-in.

To learn more about registering your student, visit the Little Rock School District website.

Where can I send suggestions or share images for the website?

This website is for the kids, parents, and staff of Forest Park, and we want it to reflect your values and passions.  If you have comments or suggestions about the material on the site, please send us an email.  And, if you have material like pictures or information you'd like to share on the site, we are delighted to be able to use them!  Contact us at, and be sure to include your name, student(s) at Forest Park, and names and permissions of anyone depicted.

What are the guidelines for submissions to the E-Blast?

Parents and staff, for several years we have used the E-Blast as a way to convey information to enhance and enrich the student experience at Forest Park. We are always eager to accept submissions to the E-Blast. If you have news, information, or photos to submit, please do not hesitate to do so, following these simple guidelines:

  • Submissions are due at 6pm on Wednesdays to be included in the following Monday’s regular edition E-Blast. If you have an important announcement to share, we are happy to consider a special smaller E-Blast, or an item on Facebook and/or the blog.

  • If you’ve submitted an item for the E-Blast that is still several weeks out, it will be automatically renewed in following editions unless you specify otherwise. In other words, you don’t need to re-submit week after week!

  • Please include as much information as you can. For events, this means details like start times, end times, prices, what to bring, what to wear, and a person to contact for questions or more info.

  • Please keep the submission item relevant to Forest Park and/or its involvement with the community.

  • If you send photos, please try to include names, dates, and places where possible.

Thank you all for your courtesy, and for your dedication to Forest Park Elementary!

My Teacher Rocks! How Can I say Thanks?

Whether you want to celebrate a birthday of a Forest park staff member or teacher, or just want to show your thanks, use this guide to give the perfect thing!

Is it true there is a Carpool Map to help me navigate hectic pick-up and Drop-off times?

Yes!  The rumors are true, you can view this map to learn where to be, and where not to be, when dropping off and picking up your child.  Forest Park is surrounded by narrow one-way streets that circle the school clockwise, and our carpool etiquette is a finely-orchestrated exercise in traffic survival.  Please read and obey the traffic signs, and please do not park illegally from 7:30-8:30am and 2-3pm--not only do you risk getting a ticket, but you could force a standstill of buses and cars full of eager beavers like yourself!

Uniforms: What to Wear & Where to Buy?

Forest Park is a uniform school, with some exceptions like Friday "Spirit Days" and "Free Dress Days."  Our uniform policy and suggested retailers are listed on our Parents' Quick Links page, and you can find even more great buys at Pass the Plaid, a pop up shop for gently used uniforms.  Check our blog for news about when and where to visit the Pass the Plaid shop!

What's for Lunch?

Where do I log my Volunteer Hours?

Attention Forest Park Volunteers! You've been great about sharing your time with your school. Now we'd like to ask our volunteers to report their hours on a monthly basis. Blue forms for VIPs (Volunteers In Public Schools) can be filled out at the Ranger Watch Desk, or in the main office, where you can submit hours for credit. You can also submit your hours on the VIPs website. If you need some guidance with using the site, please click here to read an overview.

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