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Reminder: Picking Up From Cantrell Road is Prohibited

Important safety reminder, families: Picking up students on Cantrell Road is against the law.

Last week, LRSD Police Officers visited with Forest Park Elementary Principal Theresa Ketcher to alert our community that parking along Cantrell Road (also known as State Highway 10) to pick up a child is a traffic violation and safety concern.

The dangers of a collision with other vehicles or a child pedestrian are obvious when stopping on a busy stretch of road, but the officers also stressed that if a child is told to meet on Cantrell and the parent is late, then the child is left vulnerable.

Parents are warned that a Traffic Citation will be issued as a moving violation on driving record and fines starting at $100.00.

LRSD officers and Forest Park suggest parents park at Kroger and a) either wait for traffic to minimize, or b) walk from the Kroger parking lot to Tyler street and cross with the guard to pick up your child.

Forest Park thanks you for your cooperation.

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