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Forest Park Ranks #2 in Arkansas and #1 in Central Arkansas

Dear Parents,

As we approach the end of a calendar year, I wanted to celebrate with you the outstanding students’ ACT Aspire -achievement results and the fruit of our labors. The LRSD Annual Report was printed November 12th 2017 in the AR Democrat Gazette, indicating Forest Park’s ranking in Arkansas: #2 Overall; Math; ELA; Science. In Central Arkansas Forest Park ranks: #1 Overall; Math; ELA; Science. I am grateful for the dedicated work ethic of students, faculty, staff, administration, and the parents who support us all. Next week 3rd – 5th grade students will take the second of three ACT Aspire assessments used to guide the teachers’ instructional strategies. In January K-2nd grade will assess the second of three growth gains using the Northwest Evaluation Assessment. Embrace the joy of learning and growing with us.


Theresa Courtney-Ketcher

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