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Congratulations Bright Ideas Grant Recipients!

Congratulations to the following Bright Ideas Grant Recipients: Auto-B Good Character Education Series-submitted by Margaret Gray -A character development DVD series Technology Integration-submitted by Michelle Graves -20 Chromebooks to be used in the library during literacy lessons and to use as a temporary replacement system when student Chromebooks are sent for repair 4th Grade Growth Mindset with Breakout EDU kits-submitted by 4th grade teachers Bendy Glover, Nancy Dailey and Virginia Yeatman -Breakout EDU will allow classrooms to be turned into an academically-focused escape room where players use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles in order to open a locked box. The idea came from the need of finding higher-level thinking activities for our students. Also, allowing them to use their social and communicative skills to engage in cooperative groups. -Option 3 was selected for a total of 12 kits/4 kits per classroom 2nd Grade Pets in the Classroom-submitted by 2nd grade teachers Miranda McDiarmid, Jennifer Ellis, Chap Williams -A new habitat, and accessories for Mrs. McDiarmid's existing pet -A new habitat, accessories, and classroom pet for Ms. Ellis -A set of bug habitats, books and accessories for Mr. Williams The PTA is thrilled to provide over $7500 in grant money this year to these worthy recipients. We appreciate all that our teachers do to go above and beyond curriculum standards to ensure exceptional learning opportunities are provided for the students at Forest Park Elementary.

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