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Principal's Message: Limited Screen Time

A message from Principal Theresa Courtney-Ketcher:

In my own words with perspective, technology is only a tool, it will never replace the true professional educator. “Are we blinded by the light from the screen”

I have long said students must write everyday in all subjects. Check out the article below casting true light on the innovators of the tech world and who have made billions growing the industry to the point using technology is now law mandated by states. “Who's lobbying who?” Yet the founders' own children attend schools for critical thinking and writing. Forest Park Students have been writing in their agenda books personalized goals for over 2 decades, using #2 Ticonderoga pencils, instilling respect and cooperation while listening and thinking. We are right up there with the Waldorf School and Summit Sierra school identified as the schools Jobs' and Gates’ children attended. We continue to rank at the top in our district, state, region and nationally. Currently Forest Park is ranked #8 in the state. I am proud of the work we do together.

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